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22 March 2022

Apparently, my car has two Transelectors. One at the top and one underneath the car. Today broke the other one.

RACQ to the rescue again because the spares my son gave me where for the topside not the one underneath that just broke.

Test Drive

17 Sep 2021

Engine sounds ok. Can't see any leaks. Paint over coat makes me suss it's hiding something. Has a tub tray but negotiated for a allow tray because my plans don't require tub. Cruise control is broken, left door doesn't lock but told him if he fixes those he's got a sale for

$4 750 with rego and RW Certificate.

Found Her

16 Sep 2021

Found her on Facebook Marketplace. Asking $5 500. 2007 Ford Falcon BF Automatic with 98 000kms.


27 Sep 2021

Purchased the Car History, checked PPSR and all other checks. Everything checks out.

Swapped cash for Keys. I officially own.... BABY BEAST.

RW Cert WTF?

26 Oct 2021

According to a mechanic, exhaust issue should have been picked up in a Roadworthy plus my handbrake was broken. I called the guy who signed the roadworthy who tried to deny and get out of it to the point he became aggressive with me. Once I advised him that I know if I report what happened to my car, that he could cop a $15 000 fine and lose his ability to write RW Certs, he quickly and quietly backed down and agreed to fix it at his cost plus reimburse my sons boss for roadside assistance and for the new exhaust parts. Bright side... New and working handbrake and exhaust system, plus peace of mind knowing two mechanics have gone over it and ensured it meets RW standards.

2 Aug 2022

Meguiars advised me to clean and re-apply.

I did. Initially it looked like it worked.... until it tried.

It did MORE damage. Now not only was their a few patches..... I now have patches ALL over it.


22 Jan 2022

After a lovely hike in the middle of nowhere, I tried to leave the location only to find my car wouldn't select a gear. 

Positive: RACQ carries spare transelector parts

Negative: It's such a common problem with my car that RACQ carries spares.

That is sssooo concerning.

My son ordered me spare transelectors to keep in my car at all times in case I need them because he hates the idea of me being stuck on the side of the road alone.

Number Plate

10 Feb 2022

Got home to find my back number half hanging off.

FML - fixed it properly this time since it wasn't before

18 Feb 2022

My back tail lights on the trailer fell off - missing screws

And they've been wired wrong! Fixed it all.

Elect Wiring

10 March 2022

Wiring around the backlights had duct tape around them so they had deteriorated and fallen off. Soldered the connections and heat-wrapped it. 

6 May 2022

Her first ever proper detail. She has never had one.

12 June 2022

The terminals were absolutely disgusting. 

Bought a terminal cleaner... AWESOME LITTLE DEVICE and sooo cheap. Once cleaned gave it a spray... whilst my kid got me with a salt g. I will never let her near one again LOL

14 June 2022

Removed the very old, very ugly and very chunky old-school Nokia charger/hands-free kit.

Took quite a few hours but nailed it!

15 July 2022

Fresh lashes makes any girl feel amazing.

16 July 2022

  • New back bushes - propper rubber not that shit red fake stuff

  • Oil Filter

  • Oil Change

  • Fuel Filter

  • Brake Pads were barely used so left them

  • New Air Filter

17 July 2022

Restored headlights to a crystal clear standard... legit they look brand new!

Used Bars Bugs Headlight Restorer Kit and bought it from Supercheap

105 000 kms

98 000 kms

Blow Torch

13 Aug 2021

Well..... attempted to restore plastic... was a success and not such a success.



Dash Repair

26 Aug 2022

Repaired the damanged to my dash. It looked like it had bleached or faded in spots because the previous product had sylicone in it which cooked the dash when it got into the sun.

Products Used:

21 July 2022

Used Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant a week prior on a cold dash and after it sat in the sun it bleached/damaged my dash.  Gutted.

25 Oct 2021

ENTIRE exhaust system fell out of the car while doing 100k on the Logan Motorway. It was only hanging on by the emissions cord. Dropped it off at sons place for his boss to look at because his boss is a qualified mechanic

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