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The Home of #BabyBeast & #Butterbelle

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Who da flippity is dis?

I'm Annabelle.

Single mum. Two kids.

I'm just waiting out the next 12 months or so until Angel Cake (my daughter) leaves home.

You've probably already met her savagery in my videos lol

Until then I'm gonna enjoy my time with good people, good times, and a good car.

This car is my symbol of freedom.

I have always wanted a Ford Ute and do things to it.

Absolutely in love with my car journey.

I may not have a SINGLE CLUE what I am doing but imma gonna enjoy the ride and hope you do to.

What da flap does she drive?

2007 Ford Falcon BF XL Ute AKA Baby Beast

Bought her at the end of 2021 for just over $4K and she had 98 000 k's on the clock (I paid for the report so the k's are legit)

The end goal,

  • Mechanically PRISTINE

  • Polished wood floor tray

  • Black sides on tray with the slogon on the back, "Moister Than An Oyster"

  • Street Graffiti paint job

  • Good sound system

  • Pimped out inside, something similar to a bad 60's porno movie. I'm thinking, crushed leopard print velvet etc lol

What's after this?

A van..... and then I'm off with the van travelling around Australia.

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